Document Check can be executed on:

Create a Document Check

When you want to collect and review a document, you can create a document check. The only required settings is the document_type.

Here is the list of document type available per entity type:

  • Company
    • Articles of association: articles_of_association
    • Registration certificate: registration_certificate
    • UBO registry extract: ubo_registry_extract
    • Financial statements: financial_statements
    • Bank details: bank_details
    • Proof of address: proof_of_address
    • Proof of insurance: proof_of_insurance
    • Agreement certificate: agreement_certificate
  • Individual
    • Identity document: id_document
    • Driving license: driving_license
    • Proof of address: proof_of_address
    • Visa: visa
    • Social security card: social_security_card
    • Birth certificate: birth_certificate
    • Vehicle registration certificate: vehicle_registration_certificate
    • Bank details: bank_details
    • Criminal record extract: criminal_record_extract
    • Tax notice: tax_notice
  • Custom document type: planned, please tell us what document type you are missing

You can choose to create a Document Check with or without a File. You can learn how to upload a file and attach it to the Document Check in the File guide.

If you create a Document Check without a File, it will be in status In Progress waiting for a File.

Attach a File to an existing Document Check

You can to add a File to an existing Document Check in two situations:

  • For initial collection, Document Check is In Progress without a File (waiting for it)
  • For recollection, Document Check is Completed and Result is Rejected

You can upload a file and add it with the Add a File endpoint on an existing Document Check. You can learn more in the File guide.