If you need any help or have some questions for us, don’t hesitate to contact us via email or directly asked to your referred contact at Dotfile.

Contact via email

You can also contact us via email here: [email protected]

Supporting Information

To assist our team to answer your request as soon as possible, please include as much information as possible in relation to request you have. Please see below for information to attach to your request.

Workspace NameYou can find your workspace name in the console displayed in the nav bar. If you have multiple workspace, make sure you give us the workspace related to the request.Dotfile
Workspace idYou can find the workspace id in the URL of the console. It is the first segment after console. For example:
API requestAll details on the request you sent to the API (Method, endpoint, headers, query params, body, …). ⚠️ Make sure you remove sensitive information such as API keys or credentials.Request logs
API responseAll details on the response returned by the API (status code, headers, error message, …).JSON payload
Screenshots or video of the issueYou can use services such as Loom or Claap (or any other software) to record the issue and send it to us.Image or Video