The Check Object

In Dotfile, you will apply checks on any entities (Company or Individual). It will helps verify your case’s entities and checks if they are conform to your KYC/KYB process.

Create checks

  • You can create check on entities (Company or individual) via the Console App or API for each check type
  • You can create a Template and configure checks that will be automatically created when new entities are added in the case

Check status

A check can be in different status:

  • in_progress: The check data are ready to be submitted via the API, Console App or the Case portal
  • processing: The submitted data of the check are being processed and validated
  • need_review: The check needs to be reviewed manually on the Console App
  • approved: The check has been approved
  • rejected: The check has been rejected
  • expired: The check has expired (the expiration date has been reached)

Available checks

Dotfile provides any Check types to cover a full KYC/KYB.

Here is the list of available checks you can perform on entities: