Verifying an Individual's Identity document

Identity Verification Check can be executed on:

Here is the classic flow of an Identity document check:

Create Identity document check for an individual

Via API or in Console App, you can create an identity document check for an individual.

You can upload the picture of the document when the check is created or later.

The picture of the documents can be added:

  • using the ID Document add files endpoint
  • in the Console App by a compliance analyst
  • in the Portal App by your customer

You can learn how to upload a file and attach it to the ID Document Check in the File guide


Currently only ID card and Passport documents are supported.

Review check result on Console App

After the document has been uploaded, the vendor reviews them and send to Dotfile the results.

Possible results are: Approved, Rejected, Error or No result (null).

If there is no results or it is Error, the check status is updated to Need review, meaning that your compliance analysts have to review the results and decide to approve or reject and ask a new check.

For Identity Document check result, Dotfile provide a list of details :

  • Data validation: Asserts whether the format and length of the fields are correct for that document type.
  • Data consistency: Not yet available for this check.
  • Data comparison: Not yet available for this check.
  • Image integrity : Asserts whether the document was of sufficient quality to verify.
  • Visual authenticity: Asserts whether visual (non-textual) elements are correct given the document type.
  • Compromised document: Asserts whether the image of the document has been found in control database.

Get notified via webhook of check result

Exemple of integration workflow: