Dotfile provide a Case management system where you can organize your KYC/KYB processes. Open case, add new entities in a case, approve or reject the case.

Cases can be seen has folders where you would store all the entities and checks related to a same underlying customer or KYC/KYB process.

Case can be created:

  • via the Console, when a User creates a new Case
  • via the API, creating a case

Case lifecycle

Case lifecycle

Case lifecycle

  • Open: Entities in the case are under investigation, we collect document, process data, ask questions to them and review all information
  • Approved: Everything is approved, we have process and review all checks are approved. The case (customer) is verified and ready to access your service
  • Rejected: Some checks are rejected and the case (customer) is identify as not compliant and cannot access your service

Case ID and External ID

For each case, we provide an auto-generated UUID (v4) but you can add your own external ID when creating a case.

You can find these IDs on the Case header in the console:

Case ID & extenal ID in console

Custom data

You can attach arbitrary, custom data to a case in the metadata property when creating or updating the case.

This data is stored as a key-value object where the value are only string:

  "metadata": {
    "custom_key": "true",
    "my_data": "this is important",
    "count": "42"

When updating a case, the metadata in input will override the whole existing metadata object (no merge between existing and new key or value). You can also pass metadata: null to remove all custom data.

Actions available with the API

  • List and search cases in your workspace
  • Create new Case
  • Update or delete existing case