Start KYC process

1 - Create a case

Dotfile API use Case to organise each KYC or KYB process.

The first step is to create a case with the create case API endpoint.

You will receive an unique identifier that will be used later for company and individual association.

2 - Create an individual

Create an individual with its information using this API endpoint.

3 - Start check

Based on your compliance requirements, create checks :

  • Identity verification (ID document, face recognition, liveness proof)
  • AML screening
  • Identity Document verification (ID card, passport)

4 - Review check

Once your users has performed checks, it should be automatically approved or rejected but in some cases, you’ll need to review the results has our certified providers would have stated an error (blurred photo, data comparison,…).

This review can be done on Console App.

Each check have a dedicated process and information displayed to be help your team review and make a granular decision to approve/reject checks.

If rejected, you can re-create a new check to ask your end user to perform again.

All checks information can be retrieved by API with a GET method or a webhook.

6 - Approve/Reject case

At the end of the process, you can Approve or Reject the overall case based on entities checks performed and their respective results based on your compliance requirements and rules.

This can be performed manually or automatically via API.