Dotfile offers the possibility to screen entities (companies and individuals) across multiple AML Sanctions, PEP and other listings.

AML Screening Check can be executed on:

Create an AML check

For an Individual or a Company, you can create an AML check via API or on Dotfile app.

AML Listings included are Sanctions, PEP, Warnings, Fitness and probity.

To create an AML check, go directly in the entity page :

Create AML screening check on Dotfile console

Review potential hits on Dotfile App

If there is potential match hits, the check is automatically updated to “need review”. In order to complete the AML check, it is mandatory to ignore or confirm these hits.

Checks - AML lifecycle

AML hits

Approve/Reject AML check on Dotfile App

Once all hits are ignored or confirmed, check status can be updated:

  • automatically to approved if all hits are ignored
  • manually approved/rejected if at least on hits is confirmed