Company verification is core in KYB process so is in Dotfile API and data models.

The Company object represents all businesses, corporations, NGOs, sole traders, and other legal entities.

Casecase_idCase unique identifier which the company refers to
NamenameCorporate name
Registration Numberregistration_numberRegistration number. Format may differ from country and legal form
StatusstatusLegal status of the company in official databases (Live, Registered, Closed)
Legal formlegal_formLegal form of the company
Country of incorporationcountryCountry where the company has been registered
AddressaddressPrincipal address of the company
ClassificationsclassificationsNAF Code πŸ‡«πŸ‡·Β or NACE Code 🌎

To create a company, you can :

  • Use dedicated API endpoint
  • Use Dotfile App